Configure Shinken for Production

If you have installed Shinken with packages, they should be production-ready. Otherwise, you should do the following steps to ensure everything is fine.

Enable Shinken at boot

This depend on your Linux distribution (actually it’s related to the init mechanism : upstart, systemd, sysv ..) you may use one of the following tool.


This enable Shinken service on a systemd base OS. Note that a Shinken service can be used to start all service.

for i in arbiter poller reactionner scheduler broker receiver; do
systemctl enable shinken-$i.service;

RedHat / CentOS

This enable Shinken service on a RedHat/CentOS. Note that a Shinken service can be used to start all service.

chkconfig shinken on

Debian / Ubuntu

This enable Shinken service on a Debian/Ubuntu.

update-rc.d shinken defaults

Start Shinken

This also depend on the OS you are running. You can start Shinken with one of the following:

/etc/init.d/shinken start
service shinken start
systemctl start shinken

Configure Shinken for Sandbox

If you want to try Shinken and keep a simple configuration you may not need to have Shinken enabled at boot. In this case you can just start Shinken with the simple shell script provided into the sources.


You will have Shinken Core working. No module are loaded for now. You need to install some with the command line interface

Configure Shinken for Development

If you are willing to edit Shinken source code, you should have chosen the third installation method. In this case you have currently the whole source code in a directory.

The first thing to do is edit the etc/shinken.cfg and change the shinken user and group (you can comment the line). You don’t need a shinken user do you? Just run shinken as the current user, creating user is for real shinken setup :)

To manually launch Shinken do the following :

./bin/shinken-scheduler -c /etc/shinken/daemons/schedulerd.ini -d
./bin/shinken-poller -c /etc/shinken/daemons/pollerd.ini -d
./bin/shinken-broker -c /etc/shinken/daemons/brokerd.ini -d
./bin/shinken-reactionner -c /etc/shinken/daemons/reactionnerd.ini -d
./bin/shinken-arbiter -c /etc/shinken/shinken.cfg -d
./bin/shinken-receiver -c /etc/shinken/daemons/receiverd.ini -d
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