The Notification Ways, AKA mail 24x7, SMS only the night for a same contact

Let take a classical example: you want email notification 24x7 but SMS only the night and for critical alerts only. How do this with contacts definitions? You have to duplicate the contact. One with notification_period of 24x7 and the email command, and one other with send-by-sms for the night. Duplicate contacts can be hard to manage in services definitions afterward !

That why notification ways are useful: you defined some notification ways (that look really like contacts) and you linked them to your contact.


For example, you can have the below configuration: your contact, a happy admin:

define contact{
  contact_name                    happy_admin
  alias                           happy_admin
  email                           admin@localhost
  pager                           +33699999999
  notificationways                email_in_day,sms_the_night

And now define our notification ways:

# Email the whole 24x7 is okay
define notificationway{
     notificationway_name            email_in_day
     service_notification_period     24x7
     host_notification_period        24x7
     service_notification_options    w,u,c,r,f
     host_notification_options       d,u,r,f,s
     service_notification_commands   notify-service
     host_notification_commands      notify-host

# But SMS only at night
define notificationway{
     notificationway_name            sms_at_night
     service_notification_period     night
     host_notification_period        night
     service_notification_options    c   ; so only CRITICAL
     host_notification_options       d   ; and DOWN
     service_notification_commands   notify-service-sms
     host_notification_commands      notify-host-sms

And you can call theses ways from several contacts :)

The contact is valid because he’s got valid notificationways. For each notification, we ask for all notification_ways to give us the commands to send. If their notification options or timeperiod is not good, they just do not give one.

Mix old contact with new notification says

Of course, you can still have “old school” contact definition, and even with the notificationways parameters. The service_notification_period parameter of the contact will just be used to create a notificationways like the others, that’s all.

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