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Shinken interface

Administrators need a means to view status data and interact with the system.

If you install Shinken using the 10 minutes installation recommended method, you will have the Shinken WebUI installed. But it is not mandatory to use it, and you may prefer another interface. There are open-source and commercial web frontends using the Livestatus API or an SQL backend available to suit any needs.

Web interfaces

The choice of an interface starts with the method of data exchange: Those based on Livestatus and those based on an SQL backend.

The most responsive interfaces are the native WebUI and those based on Livestatus. The most scalable and flexible are those based on Livestatus.

SkonfUI is a discovery and configuration management UI that is not production ready and is meant as a beta preview for developers not users. Sorry.

Direct memory access based interface

  • Shinken WebUI, included in the Shinken installation. Previews the Shinken features in an attractive package. Not meant for distributed deployments or scalability.

Livestatus based interfaces (Networked API)

../_images/thruk.png ../_images/multisite.png
  • Complimentary module: Nagvis (Graphical representation)

Pickle based data export (Network)

  • Complimentary module: Graphite
  • Note: Integrated out-of-the-box in :ref:`Shinken WebUI <integrationwithothersoftwarewebui>`


  • Complimentary module: PNP4Nagios (Graphing interface)

Deprecated: Flat file export


Which one is right for me?

Try them out and see which one fits best; this is especially easy with the Shinken WebUI and the Livestatus based interfaces.

  • For users just starting out with small to medium installations, Thruk or Shinken’s WebUI are good choices;
  • For maximum scalability, intuitive UI and a solid feature set Multisite is recommended. Thruk is perl/PHP based UI that is very feature complete which also provides some scalability.
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